Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Monsoon not only effect human's but also animals, birds and reptiles too -- PAWS-Mumbai

"Don't harm or kill any animals, birds and reptile's who comes in your vicinity in this monsoon appeals animal welfare organisation to citizens" 

Its monsoon, heavy rain, wind and water login everywhere which not only effect humans but also animals, birds and reptiles too. We can see birds fallen from trees due to wind, dogs and other stray animal come to residential areas in search of dry place to sit, water login in holes due to which snake comes out, which seen in garden and residential area. So Plant & Animals Welfare Society - Mumbai, an animal welfare and rights organisation appeal to the citizen not to harm or kill any animals, birds and reptiles, just keep a watch on it from safe distance and call an animal welfare organisation or if it wildlife you can also call Forest Department for help said animal activist Sunish Subramanian Kunju.

Please ensure safely step to keep snake away ........
Fill /close all the burrows, holes, cracks and crevices in and around your residential areas.
Keep your back yards and surrounding area of your home free and clean from grass and bushes.
Try to keep tree branches and creepers away from window.
If you see any snake or reptiles in your vicinity just isolate area and keep a watch from safe distance, later call rescue team.

Help birds in this monsoon ..........
Avoid cutting or trimming trees having bird nest.
If you see any bird fallen on ground due to wind, rescue and keep it in safe place and birds rescue team. Catch bird by putting cloth on it.
Don't keep any rescued bird in cage as it is cruel and illegal under various animal protection acts. 

Call PAWS-Mumbai Helpline 25968314 / 9833480388 for help and guidance in rescuing animal and birds in distress.

Mumbai | POWAI : You Scod 18 staff spotted a  bird Cormorant in busy road at powai, he immediately inform Plant & Animals Welfare Society - Mumbai (PAWS-Mumbai) Helpline and as per the guidance he saved the bird and handed it over to rescue team, later the bird was taken care and kept under observation for a day and released into its natural habitat said Sunish Subramanian Kunju, the Hon. Animal Welfare Officer associated with PAWS-Mumbai.

Mumbai | BHANDUP : Kalpesh Eknath Pate (14), a student of Parag English School and Student Member of Plant & Animals Welfare Society - Mumbai (PAWS-Mumbai) while coming from school, he seen some children were playing on road side near Shivaji Talav with Scorpion by tying thread on its legs. He immediately call PAWS-Mumbai Helpline, as per the instruction, he success in rescuing the Scorpion, later it was released in safe pace immediately.

In another incident Kalpesh have save a puppy from accident, which later given-up for adoption. 

Mumbai | BHANDUP : A non-venomous Montane Trinket Snake rescued from Toilet Room at SMC IPL 900 MLD WTP inside BMC Water Complex in Bhandup, which was spotted by a staff when he went inside. He immediately call Plant & Animals Welfare Society - Mumbai (PAWS-Mumbai) Helpline and rescue team rescued the snake from the toilet and released in safe place immediately.  

PAWS-Mumbai also rescued 2 Russell's Viper (venomous), Checkered Keelback Water Snake (non-venomous), 2 Rat Snake (non-venomous), Cobra (venomous) too from Mulund, Bhandup, Thane area said Snake Friend Sunish Subramanain Kunju.

Thane | MIRA ROAD : Indian Flap - Shell Turtle, an protected species under Wildlife Protection Act was found on side of the road near a drainage at Mira Road East by local resident Bishwa Ray, he informed about this incident to Plant & Animals Welfare Society - Mumbai (PAWS-Mumbai) Helpline and rescued team reached the spot and taken the custody, as it got little injury so the turtle was taken care till it recover. Later it was released into its natural habitat said Nisha Kunju, an Hony. Animal Welfare Officer associated with PAWS-Mumbai.    

Navi Mumbai | AROLI :  Surendar Khadtale (45) a resident of Aroli, who spotted a baby Squirrel fallen from the roof of bus stop at Rabale into a empty oil jar and it was making some noise, he observed and call Plant & Animals Welfare Society - Mumbai (PAWS-Mumbai) for help. Rescue team reached to the spot and save the baby Squirrel, which is taken cared by PAWS-Mumbai volunteers. It will be release once it start eating independently by itself said Sunish Subramanian Kunju who attended the call.  When we rescued the baby it was totally wet and shivering. We cleaned and kept it in a cotton cloth, inside a basket.

More Photographs & Clippings
Rescued Cormorant Bird
Rescued Cormorant Bird under care and observation
Rescued Cormorant Bird released back into natural habitat

Rescued Scorpion
Rescued Scorpion released into natural habitat 
Kalpesh Pate with rescued Stray Puppy
Rescued Montane Trinket Snake Non-Venomous
Rescued Checkered Keelback Water Snake Non-Venomous
Rescued Russell's Viper Venomous
Rescued Cobra Venomous
Rescued Indian Flap - Shell Turtle
Rescued Baby Squirrel
Rescued Baby Squirrel taken care by
Sunish Subramanian Kunju and Team
PRESS Release Updated By :
Nisha Subramanian Kunju
Administrator - Cum - PRO : PAWS-Mumbai

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